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Auris manual with 1.2 engine enquiry

Damien McManus

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I am looking at a few options to replace my current car and the Auris 1.2T engine with manual gearbox is on the shortlist. I have read that it’s generally a good engine reliability wise  but is there anything I should be looking for? My budget will stretch to a 2017-18 car with 40k miles.

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Hi Damian,the Auris 1.2T doesn't have have any major faults reported and whilst motoring reviews label it as uninspiring and dull to drive I have not found that to be the case.I have owned a 1.2T Auto 2017 45,000 miles for 3 years and have said on many occasions it has not missed a beat.The only things I would suggest is to look out for is general wear and tear for a car with 40k miles as this is to be expected. Look out for the usual scratches, dents, and signs of interior wear.

More importantly, make sure the car has a full service history. This will give you peace of mind that the car has been properly maintained.

With a turbocharged engine, listen for any unusual noises when the turbocharger is spooling up delivering a boost in power. Hope this helps:smile:

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To keep road tax low, cars registered pre april 2017 models comply for £20 road tax.

As its a direct injection turbo engine. I would go for  lower mileage older example rather than a higher mileage later car.

Some people have reported an issue with the fanbelt tensioner pulley failing, so also listen out for that, as they are hard to get new from toyota.

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And there were two cases reported here for high pressure fuel pump failure, done under warranty and also Toyota were running recall replacement on some cars with Denso pumps. Other than that a very good cars. 1.6 petrol also a good alternative. 

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