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Rear nearside wheel metallic sound (video link attached)


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I have a 2006 Corolla 1.6 which I bought to replace my '05 Civic which someone drove into and wrote off. It has 59k miles and had been previously owned by a woman in her 80s and only did around 1800 miles a year the past couple of years.

A few weeks ago I noticed a 'whoosh whoosh' sound which seemed to get worse over time. This was a dodgy offside rear bearing which was replaced. While this improved the sound, I've been paranoid about various road sounds including a deep rumbling sound which I think is probably tyre noises but part of me is wondering whether the other bearing has gone as well (the Civic seemed to have much better soundproofing!).

I jacked the car up and spun the nearside rear wheel and heard this metallic sound - just asking you all whether this is just the rotor rubbing rather than anything worse? Rear pads are not worn out, and I don't hear this metallic sound when driving.




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The noise sounds like normal brake rub to me. The brake clearly isn't binding, so I wouldn't worry about it. The main concern with bearings is play - the wheel should feel nice and firm when you try to wobble it.

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Cheers - I thought that was the case, but just thought I'd double check in any case. Wheel feels nice and firm when I pull it side to side and up and down.

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