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Just a quick note signing off this forum. Have gone over to the 'other side' and traded in the Avensis for a Mondeo. Am sure many Avensis examples are great but I had just too many problems with mine. Was made on Friday afternoon - presumably after a good pub lunch. Have had the Mondeo for 2 weeks now and nothing is juddering, rattling, falling off - it just works. Fingers crossed she stays that way!

Anyway, this is a very good forum. Thanks for the help/advice given.




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fords are a good all rounder cant knock em , they just arnt worth nowt after 4 years , i got a 1995 1800 turbo diesel escort for £5995 . £7500 with interest and after 4 years it was worth a hefty £700 , <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> that ,never again no more will i.

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