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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Buzzby Should Have Been Shot Years Ago


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I cannot believe BT

I am using BT ADSL and have never used the email address that came with the account.

Anyway.. my brother decided to hook up to the pop account and ended up with 600 email coming in to his inbox.

All spam... every single email was unsolicited email. :angry::angry:

I also got myself a business line installed at my old office last year.. I registered the line and attatched the phone. I got a call from Thompson direcotory asking if I would like a free listing .. I replied " you mean you wish to sell my information you mean?" .. err no sir "yes you do and no I do not want your free listing so I can be pestered by poxy salesmen"

So BT sold my new phone number as i started receiving calls from various sales people... I had not even issued the number to anyone.

This completly sucks and because you have a business line they assume that they can sell your information.

Personally I think BT are the worst of the lot.

take a look here: http://www.btsuck.org

Also.. why is the net become such a horrible place to be?

Spammers have now got through anti spam software by using images to get past filtering. I am sooo sick of the net and scared for my son to use the net.

How many of you have received obscene email... shocking.. I have even had an advert for firearms!


The good story is being an ex internet service provider I have enough savvy to report offending websites that unsolicit my inbox and get them shut down.

:angry::angry: DIE SPAMMERS DIE :angry::angry:

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Always getting it in my email account aswell. Complete trash. Wish all these spammers would all ***** and go back to bothering sheep or whatever they do in their spare time.

N.B. No offence intended towards sheep.

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these last 2 years it has got worse and worse!

I am even getting spam on made up email address i used on the JAE forums... some ***** harvested that!

members should not have their email displyed on any forum... asking for spam.. and beyond my control

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