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Hi Peoples,

I have just joined your merry band of enthusiasts and was woundering what to do next. I am interested in meeting and showing my "Pride and Joy" which a picture is available for viewing in the members gallery, at the moment it is the last entry. She has just spent approximatly 3 years in resturation and about £2000 worth of work and sweat. I have only had a back on the road for a couple of weeks and only just missed the meet at Bourton-on-the-Water which would have been an ideal starter as i live only a few miles away.

Any info on which way to turn next would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the show scene.

thanks in anticipation

Gus :unsure:

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Hiya GUS and welcome to the club...

What to do next is an easy one, check in regularly, join in the conversation, voice your opinion or help with any techincal q's you might know the answer to and more importantly enjoy yourself while your here :)

Next official TOC meet I'm aware of is JapFest at Castle Combe next month, unfortunately as this isn't a TOC organised event it's not free, mind you £5 is hardly going to break the bank, come along should be a good day with all sorts of Jap car's there, if you want to go on the track you can for a small charge when you get there or if you want to view the other cars and watch others on the track its up to you :D

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Thank's for the info mate and will see if i can get to the japfest next month. Cant see a fiver breaking the bank after spending a small fortune on the motor, but thats what comes from buying a cast off that nobody seemed to take any care of. keep in touch

Gus sends :P

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