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Hey, I just found and joined up with this club today. I currently am 18 years and just got my first Toyota it's a 1993 Celica ST 4-speed auto with 32,000 miles on it ... for only $4000 I thought any engine with only 30k on it was good. I just replaced the plugs and wires with NGK N plugs and put the K&N Filter in. I'm going to be getting the ICEMAN ram air package for it sometime shortly, or at least I'm hoping because after purchasing the car I'm alittle stressed for cash. Starting out in College and all coming this Summer. I've been into Toyotas for a little bit, and I want to make this car something to impress my friends with :D I've heard rumors that the MR2 engines and transmission will fit nicely into the early gen Celica's. But in all honesty How much work needs to be done to convert a auto to a manual .. I can only think of the clutch, spring, transmission, and pretty much the whole drive train right? :P My previous car was a 1994 240sx. And let me tell you I'm loving this front wheel drive aspect. I don't want to sell off this car cause it's in awesome condition.

After doing the plug and wire switch my gas mileage has gotten terrible is there possibly something I messed up? or is it just the plugs that are giving me added performance in exchange for my mpg?

PAtiently awaiting your Responses ... and Thanks a ton


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