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I recently bought a 2003 MR2 Spyder. This is my first high preformance car. I have been riding motorcycles my whole life and I need more acceleration out of my MR2. Top end is not an issue, so if I can fool with the gearing that could be a possible solution. The acceleration is decent first through third but, after third gear the car has a sluggish low end and seems to need a little more. The dealership suggested a microchip kit for xtra horsepower. Is there any suggestions as to which kit I should pick up? I thought toying with the exhaust and intake might be a good start too. I found an article linked to import tuner's website that was talking about a "Moon" racing exhaust. any ideas? as for intakes I have know idea. I want to leave the body stock, except maybe the suspension, because I want to make the car a sleeper at the line. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you


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sorry but i've gotta say that's the first time i've ever heard a mk3 called a 'high performance' car. a mk3 is anything but quick, if you want to get a performance car try a mk2 turbo, a mk3 is pretty slow as standard. anyway for power, unichips are the best (cheap and keep standard ecu) although get this done after an induction kit and exhaust. after this it still won't be particularly quick but will certainly have better in-gear acceleration and quicker response. if you want proper acceleration you'll need to go for a turbo or supercharger conversion, they'll give good power and a huge improvement in acceleration, nitrous is also an option but only lasts a few minutes and will work out to be more expensive in the long run and the power won't always be there.

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For me, tuning N/A cars is a waste of time and money - the amount of cash parted with to get even small bhp gains is unbelieveable! For me, there are these options (all dependent of money!)

1) Leave it stock, spend money on an induction kit and exhaust and notice a tiny TINY bit of improvement. You're talking maybe peak 5bhp. Maybe get a Unichip... expensive for again, 10bhp probably.

2) Don't bother fiddling with the gearbox, expensive.

3) Leave it stock, got for Nitrous - big bhp gains and if you get a decent progressive kit installed it will not break your engine either - doesn't last long until the bottle gets refilled - but you don't always have to drive around with the system armed - just keep it for those "special" moments (involving Nova drivers)

4) Don't bother with a turbo or supercharger conversion - again huge expense.

5) Go for a complete engine change - get an engine from an MR2 Turbo (see fensport for prices) which comes with loom, gearbox, etc etc, and get that plumbed in - if it fits! Could be fun trying to do that, probably a first.

Personally I would go down the NOS alley - unless you have LOTS of money to spend for serious perofrmance increases.

Hope this helps (a little)

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screechmr2, how can you diss the MR2 ROADSTER yea they might not have the power of the mark2 but id never swap mine back. Its so much more fun to drive. And I would class it as high performance agaianst boy racer saxos, fords etc.



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Would have to agree with fluff, the Mk3 is not as powerful as the Mk2's but it is still a very nippy and agile car, handles exceptionally well on a track and is a great run around.

I've been in all types of MR2 and although the mk3 comes on the bottom of my list it is still a great car to drive which offers large smiles on the faces of the drivers....

There are a number of things which have been done to the Mk3, more info availalable from The MR2 Roadsters Forum, loads of Mk3 owners with a lot of technical knowledge about the Mk3, some of the members there are regular track day visitors and know an awful lot about the car....

Still have to get me a mk3 to join the mk1 & mk2 :lol::lol::lol:

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