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Just aquired a MR2 Mk1 T-Bar on a E plate. Totally standard with only 28k on the clock. I am planning to use it as a secon car a do only about 5k a year. Is there any good insurance deals out there and whats the approx value of the car.

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Depends on the condition of the bodywork as the Mk1 is prone to rust, if the car is mint and only done 28k I would estimate £1.5k - £2k, you may be lucky and get more to a true MR2 fan but I would guess that to be a fair price...

AON Insurance are pretty good and cover Trackdays if you require that sort of cover (I would it's great fun in a Mk1. Or Droset Insurance although you would have to pay the £30 Membership to MR2 Drivers Club (www.mr2dc.com) to get discounted insurance (they also cover trackdays)

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Genuine 28K on a 15 year old car is an excellent deal (if that is genuine!) - Nice one!!

I often find that some of the bigger insurance companies tend to do good deals as well as the specialists... try:

Liverpool Victoria


Direct Line


for starters. Make sure you phone round them all again with your most competetive quote, see if they knock some more off for you.

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