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7a-fe Help Needed


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hi all,,,, good luck trying to figure out what im talking about :)

ok ,,, first things first, i have a 99 avensis gs with 1.8 7a-fe engine

it has allways died a death after 3 thousand revs, i had been told loads of times that they were slow so i just i just accepted it , BUT after messing about with a THING i reved great all the way to 6 grand.

The thing in question is what i want to know about,

It looks like an automatic advance and !Removed! type thing with a tube coming out of the top and going somewhere under the inlet manifold

It bolts on to the inlet manifold on the side nearest the cam belt

it has a short shaft coming out of the bottom of it with a plastic roller on it (DOES THIS SHAFT MOVE IN AND OUT OF THE THING OR JUST SIDE TO SIDE MOVEMENT)

My plastic roller is not rolling on anything , instead it sits to the side of a little lever type thing ,,, this little lever is what i messed about with , after pushing it all the way down the car ran like a train ( most power above 4 thousand revs) , but it worked its way back to the original position ( very slow acceleration above 3 thousand revs )

My questions are this

What is the round thing with the tube out of one end and the shaft and roller out the other ????

Does the shaft move in and out of the round thing or just side to side ???

is the roller supposed to be on the edge of the lever thing and not scraping up and down the side???

any idea what the round thing will cost ???

im guessing that it IS an automatic advance - !Removed! type thing and that mines isnt advancing ???

all help welcomed


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Hello StellaArtois,

I'm sorry but I got to agree with superchargedIS200 on this. Would it be possible to take a photo post it here for us? I think what you are saying here sounds like the SCV...

Thanks, ;)

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from what you describe it sounds like a form of t-vis device. at low speed/load only 4 inlet tracts are used for economy but on flooring it the "device" opens up the other 4 for maximum power.

i'd suggest trying to put the end of the rod on the lever and see if it works :P

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thanx folks ,,,

the rod thing was meant to be fixed to the other thing ,

got it sorted now and car runs alot better ,

you guys are gonna get tired of listening to me LOL

i've got load of questions

Thanx again for putting up with my VERY BAD descriptions

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Post some pictures anyway if you can. i'm interested now!

But yes, what power these engines have doesn't really show until above 4000rpm anyway. Above this point they really begin to shift.... well, in comparison to below 4000rpm anyway.

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