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Yaris T-sport Styling----front Spoiler?

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Hi... :D

This is one of my first posts on the forum ...

A little about me i am 17 years old just and my mum and dad have kind of give me a yaris t-sport but i gave them a little towards the car!!! £3000

Now i expect you all to be thinking many things right now....like 1500CC for 17 year old hehehehehe

OR HES is lieing....but seriously yes its true and yes i am insured!!! LOL and don't treat me like i am stupid cos i now exactly ebout cars.. :D

Now my question to you t-sport owners is how and where do i get a front spoiler for my yaris TS can u give me any links or phone numbers prefarbly in the UK..

Your help will be much appreciated....I kno these links if you don't know already



And a few others if you can be of help add me to hotmail or post back here!!!

THANKS SO MUCH!!! I WILL REPLY (mann_d99@hotmail.com)

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Hi david Great to here from another Yaris T Sport owner. Oh welcome to the club mate. Well as for the front spoiler well it's only available in japan for now. I think perhaps in a couple of months it will be available to buy in england.

What color did you get you yaris in? Also it would be good to see you at one of the meets so you can back the yaris lads up in the corner as there are only a few of us.

Heres a good site for you to check out some performance mod's


Speak to you soon jerry!!

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