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A New T Spirit


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Hi, I am new to this forum, but I joined seeking advice on the pros and cons of the new corrolla T Spirit.

I have test driven the 1.4 t3 and It was very good, but I would prefer to get hold of a new T Spirit...1.4 or 1.6...but does the 1.6 justify the extra cash ?

Without compromising anybody, when I look at the new prices in the regular magazines they seem a lot lower than the actual listed prices...

I am going into this with nothing to part ex (scrapped the old one)..

and I am completely new to all this as I previously had a company car for ages....

I read quite a lot of your replies, and the answer are very sensible, helpful etc..



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I was in a similiar position to you in that I have had a company car for a long time and had decided to take a cash alternative and buy myself a car. I shopped around and finally decided on the Corolla T Spirit. I decided to go for the 1.6 engine even though I have driven a 1.4 for the past 10 years, I think only because I intend to keep the car for some time so wanted to make sure I would be happy with the power. I looked at the T3 but wanted the extra features the T Spirit gave me, i.e. climate control etc.

I bought my car over the internet from Carfile (www.carfleet.net / Email pat@carfile.net / Tel . 01335 360763). Carfile put you in touch with a Toyota Dealer (Inchcape of Burton on Trent) and all your dealings are with the actual dealer. I paid £200 deposit and paid the rest when I collected the car (£12628 in total for T Spirit 1.6 with metallic paint). I could have had the car delivered to my door on a transporter for that price.

I was a bit concerned about the various problems people have had with T Spirits (i.e. leaking sunroof, rattles and dimming lights) but have not experienced any problems (yet!). In fact I am impressed by the quality feel of the car. Having said that I have only had the car for a week and a half and done about 300 miles in it.


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I took delivery of a 1.6 T Spirit in late Jan this year. I took a 1.4 T3 for a test drive and was impressed with the acceleration. I've owned smaller 1.4 cars in the past and none near as quick as this.

In the end I went for the 1.6 and extra equipment the T Spirit gives you. OK Toyota give good deals on T3 and lower models, but the interior of the T Spirit is a lot nicer looking with silver finish on the dash and doors, and the Optitron instruments look nice. I particular find the steering wheel mounted stereo controls very useful, and the climate can be set and forgot about.

I've suffered a few niggles. The sunroof leaked ONCE!. The dealer did a 15 minutes water test and not a single drop got in, and hasn't since. Weird. There have been rattles but these are slowly easing or easily identifiable so the dealer can sort. I've not had problems with the headlights though.

I've come from Audi, and found the quality to be on a par with the Corolla (and the dealer service a lot better).

Splash out and enjoy yourself-get a T Spirit. But then for that money your into new Avensis territory....... :wacko:

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Has anyone bought from a car supermarket or from the internet....

the prices are a lot lower, but what happens when you take the car for servicing at a local dealer, is there any problems that people have encounted ?

I recently visted a 'supermarket' and was quoted a price for a new car T3 only not a spirit, but the sales person quoted that the cars where in storage, and if you bought one, you would not be able to see it until you had paid for it !!!

I am been quoted quite a good on the road price from nottingham, but this price can be beaten by internet prices if you search autotrader for new t- Spirits.....but the question remains, can you trust someone who you never see etc...and a car that you cannot check over ?


:ph34r: "it's just so confusing sometimes !!"

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I know it's my own opinion but personally would not trust anywhere that insisted you paid up front before paying for the vehicle without as muchas a test drive.

Obviously different for a dealer where you trest drive a like for like vehicle and pay a deposit but you have the extra re-assurances that if there are any problems they can be fixed at that site and you have the knowledge that you can talk to the same popel that sold you the vehicle.

I know savings can be made by buying on theweb and at supermarkets but if I was buying new I would want the extra re-assurances that only a dealer can provide...

Just my 2p

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