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Corolla Hump Of Evil

Gus Honeybun

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I have just brought a Corolla 1.3 se 1999 want to replace the standard radio/cass with my Kenwood CD (I know I'll need an ISO adaptor)

But how on earth do you extract the orginal unit??? I guess its got something to do with the air vents beneath the units humped housing because I can read the words 'Radio Service' embossed on the inside of the vents housing.

I was shocked when my Toyota dealer suggested prising the hump with a screw driver, I know this can't be true, it's not like Japaneese engineering (more a British Leyland technique)

So I have tried Toyota, Caraudio forums, there is no haynes manual yet, and only US picture guides to go by and the dash layouts are diffrent.

Can you help? Pleasssssse!!! U guys are my last hope. :(

Piccy of my cabin attached


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your right take out the said vents and you'll see two screws undo these and the hump comes off the head unit is screwed to it it should already have an iso conector on it if my memory serves me right

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peterrabbit30, Gus & the TSW Krew rule, my favourite was the magic button.

dawesy, thanks very much for the info. I know this is gonna sound real paranoid, but do the vents themselves actually pull out of the vent holes or do the vents and their housing pull out?

I just don't wanna hurt her, shes humble but shes my new baby, nippy little bugger!

Thanks again


Gus. :)

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just prise the surrond with your fingers and the whole thing comes out leaving the air vents behind in their own unit thre are two 10mm screws at the top {one each side} when you have removed these look for a black plastic lug again one each side push these towards the front of the car to fullr release the hump no damage and no marks on your dash or console :P

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Peter I reckon yer right, but I bet they know someone whos been touched by the paw of Gus Honeybun! Ahhh lovely sunny Ilfracombe in Devon, The Beach at St Ives, Kernow...... I really need a Westcountry holiday! :D

Well thanx to all you topp people for helping me fit my Kenny with no nasty marks to my dash.

I thought it would be helpful to post digital pics of my efforts today, incase another Toyota newbie asks the question.

Thanks again, and have yourselfs lush weekends!

:) Gus

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step 5: disconnect the wires from the back of the old stereo and lift the hump out.

Can't really show this due to only having one pair of hands. But check out how awful the dash looks. it looks worse than when some 84574RD nicked a panasonic from my old Passat. All goes back together beautifully though. ;)


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step 6: all thats left to remove your old stereo (a badged Panasonic like mine?) are 4 screws (2 each side) of the clamp that runs from the stereo sides to the front/top of the hump.

I've been told that if you have an ISO stereo you can use this clamp to secure your new stereo without a collar, but alas my Kenwood didn't line up so off with the clamp and I've fitted the collar. Works well, but wouldn't want to be the guy sat in the rear middle seat when I have a severe crash..........or the guy driving behind me! :o 'The car in front is a Toyota (and its armed)' ;)


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well thats it! I did need to buy a Car Audio Connector from Halfords (£10-99) its part number is: PC2-17-4 (package in picture).

Basicaly it connects to the Corolla original wiring via a matching plug, leaving a nice ISO connecting block the other end. So your ISO stereo just plugs in, no cutting and future proof! :) (Ooooh! Toyota really don't want you to change the stereo yourself do they? :P )

Happy motoring (with music) B)



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