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My standard alloys are going back on at the end of the month. Still got to get them powdercoated first though.

I'm putting mine back on, just gotta find somewhere to store the nicer ones ;)

Scottish sr - why not powder coat after winter instead, unless there in serious need of a refurb, that way you won't have salt damage on brand new powdercoat finish.

Ryan - regardless of what colour, if you've got the original set put them on for winter. don't wait to find out if it's true.

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Yeah they are pretty bad Richard! Horrible infact. I can get them anodised for cheap so might just go down that route! I saw a cheap set on eBay but they were local pick up on only and in Manchester :(

But I would def change them back to standard for the winter though Ryan!

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My wheels are white and have been on the car since 1998 and I have never had any salt damage :D :D

Think your worrying about it too much mate :thumbsup:

See!! all you have to do is wait for someone with white wheels to advise you, because they a speaking for experience. :lol: unlike me : :rolleyes:

the reason why I wanna take the wheels off is cos 14's with a 65 profile bounce (off kerbs due to my crap driving) better than 17's with 40 profile.

Also I'm a lazy person, so remembering to wash them down regularly is not gonna happen. and the 14's are powdercoated black anyway so during the winter when they get dirty they look like anthracite/charcoal grey rather than dirty silver alloys.


p.s. if they do go funny, it's just an excuse to get a refurb, a change of colour or even a new set all together.

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my celica aint got aircon , but its usually infront of the main radiator.

lord ed you really need to get a keyboard with the letters in the right places. :lol::lol: some of your posts kill me. :lol::lol:

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It is true that over the winter months your alloys can be affected by the salt and basically getting covered in dirt etc from the roads...

It will effect more the chrome alloys and certain alloy finishes put on to them, but if you keep your alloys washed down once a week or so then it shouldn't affect them. I won't be taking mine off and also a good tip however amusing you will find it is to smear vaseline round the edge of the wheel to put a barrier there to keep the salt off the surface.

I had a pair of momo quaser wheels with a chrome finish and the winter weather did affect the finish in places.

Kev :)

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