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Jd Power 2003 Uk


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New car customer satisfaction survey results . . .

City car/supermini 2nd: Yaris 86.9% (winner was Honda logo at 87.7%)

Small car 1st: Corolla 85.3% (second was Honda Civic at 83.5%)

Family car 4th: Avensis 83% (winner was Skoda Octavia at 84.7%)

Executive/luxury 1st: IS200 86.6% (second was Jaguar XJ8 at 86.1%)

Coupe/roadster 1st: MR2 83.2%, 2nd: Celica 81.4% (third was Mercedes-Benz SLK at 80.5%)

4x4 1st: Rav4 84.7% (second was Subaru Forester at 82.3%)

MPVs: Not in top 5 (winner was Mazda Premacy at 81.9%)

Not bad eh? :D

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MR2's top of the pile in Coupe/Roadster section huh???

Bet I know a certain MR2 driver in TOC who will be chuffed at that result but not surprised I bet.

Celica 2nd - yeah baby........

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Hi everyone Good to see toyota getting some good results. Toyota are really setting the standards where other manufactures are trying to get to. Dont you feel good that you drive a toyota :D ;) :lol: :P


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