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Combe This Saturday

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It should be an excellent day out, one of the senior management where I work has a tiger (sort of caterham) and his club is going down as well so all sorts of cars out on track, should be fun...

I've decided I will defo be on track but will be taaking my rust bucket (Mk1 MR2) that I haven't had a chance to work on yet, needs a fiiar amount of work.... So I can run on track and not worry if anything goes wrong :)

Apart form my 5 laps (maybe 10 lol) I'll be playing passenger and lookiung around the other cars....

Photo's of course will be posted.....

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I would love to go but I have to work <_< how rubbish!!! although I wouldn't be taking the shiney one round the track!!

What time is going on to? I could maybe sneak off early and pop in as I only work in Chippenham... ?

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