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The Corolla Headlight


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I have standard 94 corolla and some idiot backed into me and didn't leave a note.

As a result the passenger side headlight is now hanging by a wire (the entire piece is falling out). I have two questions:

1) Does anyone know if it is relatively simple to remount the light (ie, can I do it myself)

2) and if I can, where would be good place to buy new mounting brackets (or possibly a new light if neccessary).

Has anyone had any luck/experience replacing these on their own?

thanks in advance,


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Guest Calum

I have had a simular thing happened to me, when a truck smashed the crap off of my rear lights,

i fixed it myself with few problems, the only being if any metal work has been bent. The best place to get replacements for this job is through scrapyards, which can be quite hard to find for the 94 corolla, but parts like that end up a 10th of the price!

Hope thats a help.

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