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Good Race!


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I had a wicked scrap with a 325i beemer, it was a M3 replica. It was !Removed! fast, we were the same off the lights, but as soon as we hit some sharp bends I whooped his *****! He was cool about it, he was laughing when I turned off..1-0 to the GT4!! You chaps had any cool races?? :blink:


Does not condone street racing of anykind, these activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Any posts relating to street racing are posted at the posters own risk.


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alright mate, wot gt4 u got?

i wos driving along the motorway one day and this saab93 turbo came up behind me so i floored it...left him, but then my RESTRICTED jap gt4rc stopped at 116mph.....bugger. getting that sorted tho then will be pushing 145ish, he better hope i dont c him again then :censor:

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