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First Service 2moz, 1.6t3 Corolla


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Our corolla 1.6 T3 has it's first service (10,000 miles) tomorrow.

Is it worth mentioning the rattling rear reg. plate and the squeaky passenger seat, or will they not do anything? My mum is going you see and unless I make her a list she won't say anything!

When reversing out of our drive (which is a slight decline towards the house), something often doesnt quite sound right.... I'm not sure what it is and can't describe it. It's def a mechanical sound, I'm maybe thinking something to do with the transmission.... is a strange "mechanical sound" normal when reversing your corollas up a hill?! If not will mention this too.

Also, a screw from somewhere in the centre console came out through one of the air vents. IF we mention this are they actually likely to replace it where it came form, or will they just take it, hide the screw, and say they did it?! There is a slight rattle from the dash over roads that arent perfectly flat too. Are they likely to do anything about this?!

Anything else we should be aware of / ask??!

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That was pretty painless. £92 odd inc. Vat.

Mentioned the screw to them and they said they'd "found a home for it" (probably the bin, I'll never know!). They did secure the rear number plate though using some sort of tape as well as the two screws, so it is now tight to the body of the car and doesnt make a sound.

I mentioned the slightly lumpy idle, and how turning the A/C on, or very lightly resting the accelarator make it smooth (it's lumpy at about 550/600, but smooth at about 700+). Wondered if the idle could be increased slightly, but they said "It's just the way they are".

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I have the same idle issues. Contact your Toyota Customer Service department given in your hand book. If more people raise this issue they will have to do something about it. The 1.4 litre is much better.

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