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Colorado Fuel Economy


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I have just bought for my wife a used Landcruised Colorado 1998 3.0TD. Auto

First and lasting impressions are that it is a fantastic car and so car like to drive. Very, Very impressed.

However, after dropping £60 (74litres) of diesel in tank, I had expected to get more than 335 miles before it needed refilling. This equates to an average of 20.6MPG

Is this expected. I know it is a big car with an auto box, but approximately 200 miles of this was on motorway driving and the rest around town in moving traffic.

What is the experience of other owners out there and are ther any magical remedies to this.


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Sounds a little low, but I have the same car and did the calculations when I first got it and it worked out something like 23 or 24 mpg. After that shock I put the calculator away.

I don't use it for a commute everyday so when I do get behind the wheel I really love to drive it, and throw it around the country lanes where I live. ...sod the mpg.

You should go along to one of the Toyota meets... I think the LC mob is growing....(and those Supra's and Celica's are bound to need a tow out the grass ;) )

Enjoy it./

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I have a 97 Amazon with LPG, brilliant! Money wise i get approx 30mpg. Have now upgraded to an 2000 imported Amazon and will definately be adding the LPG. Although costly to get it put in (been quoted around the £1900 mark) i will soon recoup that by the savings in gas!


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