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Gold Membership....


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Quick query if I may, may be of use to others....

Before I start it may just be me being thick....

I've filled out the signup form, cheque is in the post but nowhere on any of the pages can I find somewhere to log into the Gold Members area, is this something that I just haven't found yet or is it still coming ?



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Could turn this into the moderators rant post....

Could the moderators be given some information about the new Gold Membership as it would be nice to offer some advice/support to those who ask questions about it, without the information we look a bit doolally :ph34r:

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As soon as payment is received we send your confirmation and your password will be activated.

You account is then added to the register.

Did you not read the email ryan? :P

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spam, spam and more spam :P

How about moderating the gold forum ? same rules apply I guess ?

And where do you use the new password, can't find anywhere that has asked for a login, even the gold members site only asks you to sign up and not log in....

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you will see the log in in the email.. plus i will also link it off.

still building it as we speak.

The rules are different in gold.. you can say what you like really.. apart from hurt peoples feelings and stufff :P

Its an open forum!

be patient mate! :)

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