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1993 Toyota Starlet S Preformance


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I am about to purchase this car shortly.. A 1993 Toyota Starlet, which has in the 4EFE engine, DOHC, 16V, 1300CC, EFi.

I currently have a 2E Starlet. I would like to know how much better will this 4EFE Starlet be in terms of performance, and what parts would anyone recommend in terms of modifcations.

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Hello, you could do the usual mods to the 4EFE, exhaust air filter etc but if you really want allot more power your best looking at an engine swap to the 4TFE from the starlet gt. These are allot more powerful and can be taken to 200bhp on stock internals more if you up-rate the internals.

Simon :rolleyes:

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