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Corolla Tsport Gearbox


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Good Afternoon,

I wounder if anyone can help/advise etc.

The gearbox on my corolla TS has developed a whinning when I back off the throtle. It's apparent in 3,4,5 but I've not noticed it in 1,2,or 6.

Has anyone else come across this,

It's done just short of 19K miles so is due for a service shortley. I'm going to mention this then, but was wondering if anyone had an idea what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance

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This is normal. I had it in all my previous cars and strating to hear it in my TS (one of them also corolla). The sound should not be loud though, barely hearable. If its loud, means you have no transmission fluid where it should be. Check if your car leaves greasy spots on the the ground when parked for several hours.

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My Corolla T-Sports on 3.5k miles, and its does not have the quietest gearbox in the world , guess it could be down to the extra complexity in a 6 speed box. As long as its not too loud, changing oK, and not jumping out of gear then dont worry. Wind the window down or turn the stereo up!.

Rob. :P

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