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Jae, Let's Get The Ball Rolling...

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OK, Guys and Gals

JAE is fast approaching us, and like last year i am looking for assistance to help make the event run smoothly and be a great success

This therefore involves some prior planning in the equipment and goodies that will be required throught the weekend.

i know its early, but better to be organised ....

things that we are looking for this year are the following

* BBQ & coals, lighting fluid,lighting bricks

* Food - we may ask for a contribution to this (about £4)

* Drink - including soft drinks aswell as several hundred crates of beer (everyone to contribute)

* Cool boxes, as many as can be brought

* Gazeebos, also Tents for those that will be camping

* Seating, or some form of seating

* DVD's for the hospitality trailer - last year "Fast and the Furious" was shown a hundred times.....some different films this year would be good

* Plastic knives and forks, plastic cups and paper plates

* A good video camera, so a film can be made of JAE

if theres anything you know you can bring, please let ME know, also if theres anything extra you think should be brought again let ME know

there can never be not enough of everything........as we found last year

I've got about 50 DVD's I don't mind bringing along although only 2 car related (no the other 48 aren't !Removed!).... Will also bring laptop, Digital Camera and Video Camera....

More people that can help the better, and for those who post on LOC, yes this post is pretty much copied straight accross....

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4 cases of stella

2 cases of bitter

3 cases of soft stuff (coke/orange/lemonade)

Missus works as a catering manager so how many knives/forks/plates and cups do you want,ken

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I'm bringing.....




Laptop (web via GPRS)

Digital Camera

Video Camera


If people are bringing BBQ's I will get some BBQ grub as well....

Just in case anyone is interested we have a great little local booze shop if I can drum up enough business he can do me some deals on alcohol, if anyone is interested in buying in bulk and getting discount I would need cash up front (reciepts can be provided) and we can get a lorra beer at a cheap price....

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I'm intending to camp away from the main group of JAE people, due to the amount of noise they make at 3 in the morning.

I am bringing various bits and pieces such as a gas barbeque and stove, tent that sleeps 8, blah, blah, blah, but how close it'll alll be to the rest of you I don't know yet. Depends how many ear plugs I can shove in my ears at once.

I sound like an old woman again but, I'm sorry, I really like my sleep.

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High everyone - I will be bringing

Digital Camera & Digital Video Camera


Possibly Large Frame "Pissup Tent" if I can get it back off the NWL Climbing club by then...








Any other Idea's - are we going all in on food etc or do you generally cater for yourself ?

I think I signed up for this someplace (lexus forum??) anyone remember?


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So everyone that had joined the list is parking in the Toyota Owners Club bit i guess, is that right?

Do i just drive in there or whats the story?

Do i need permission first?

I already put my name on to the list that is being compiled by the lexus owners club


By the way D10 looks like a good pitch. :thumbsup:

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Last year i got there late, about lunch time so i'll get there early this year.

What time should i be aiming for?

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were trying to organise another convoy on the sat if anyone wants.

need to sort out location & time but i think its going to be on the m25/a1 south mimms services.

BTW ryan, when you say cheep beer, how much & how many ?? :thumbsup::beer:


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I've just ordered mine...

3 cases of Asahi for £40'ish


isnt that a japanese beer?? ohh well, can you put me down for 2 cases please?

ill send you the money when ever you need it.

Can we start a new Sticky for a sat meet up? weve got a few of us interested now so itll be easier to find.


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With JAE only two weeks away I have two questions

1. Are the owners of cars on the TOC pitch going to use a standard spec sheet? I've seen a couple of different ones posted but which one should we all use?

2. Someone (might have been birthday boy Ryan) suggested a flyer advertising TOC. With JAE being the biggest show of the year it would be a the best opportunity to hand out something to the general public. I was thinking of something like this printed A6 size (4 on an A4 sheet)


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