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Dodge Durango = Landcruiser?


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Whilst setting myself up as a target, I come here for advice, so please be gentle. :unsure:

On holiday in Canada this winter we had a Dodge Durango for 3 weeks. It was great, lots of space for 5 plus 2 good sized rear seats.

Now back in the UK the boss is keen on something similar. She used to drive an SUV in Canada whilst working there and likes the height, etc.

BUT - 4x4 off roading won't be requirement #1 (or probably #2, #3...). We do want 7 seats as a comfortable option, but not as in the rear occupants sit with knees by ears, or they require lifting gear to get in and out.

So looking at what's out there I quickly come down to XC90, or LC, and not much else (missing the obvious Rover options). However, whilst testing an LC3, the body roll on the backroads seems significant. Is this because the Canada trip was on interstates and snow and we never drove it like we would in the UK? And does the electronic suspension on the LC5 make a difference. Or was I just unused to driving a large car around the backroads and trying to drive it like my saloon.

Or should I buy an MPV? Or is there an SUV I've missed (Merc, etc)?



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I just purchased a Toyota Sequoia....

Have you seen them? They are roomier than a LC... and very nice looking.

My previous SUV was a Dodge Durango, which I loved, but not nearly as much as my Toyota.

I have a lot more to say, just little time for now.. but just a thought for you.


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