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Wheel Sizes?


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does anyone know the largest wheels an AE82 GT will take without mods, and at standard ride height? i'd have thought 16s with 45 section tyres?

also, does anyone have any idea how much it would be to get the originals refurbed?

cheers guys

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if you can fit 16 with 45's you can also fit 17x40's and 18x35's the trouble with the 18's is that they are mostly 8j wide so that can be a problem with strutt clearance, i put my money on 17x7x40's as the max without playing a little.

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I'd agree. Although rolling arches isn't too difficult and if you don't trust yourself with power tools then any good garage will do it for fairly cheap. Try and find an RSR near you, they are really helpful. Refurbing isn't as expensive as people think. I got a quote on a refurb for a set of 15" TSW Evo R's at £20 per wheel from somewhere out of the back of one of the Max Power/Fast Car kinda mags. This was about a year and a half ago tho...


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