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2005 Meet's Date's


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More will be added once the date's have been finalised but here is a preliminary draft for you to add them to your diaries :thumbsup:


Sunday the 23rd, next round of regional meet's, venue's and time's to be confirmed by regional meet's organiser's


Sunday the 20th, regional meets date, venues and time's TBC

Thursday the 24th, Set off for the Toyota Easter Meet at the Nurbergring, prices and time's TBC


Sunday the 1st, TOC/LOC Trackday at Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Prices and times TBC

Saturday the 21st(TBC), Japfest@Castle Coombe, prices and times TBC.


Saturday the 18th & Sunday the 19th, Japshow@Santa Pod, prices and times TBC.


Saturday the 23rd & Sunday the 24th, JAE, prices and times TBC.

Sunday the 31st TOTB4


Sunday the 14th, http://www.risingsuncarshow.co.uk/

Sunday the 21st, Regional meets day( except northern region)


Sunday the 9th, Autumn Japshow@Santa Pod, prices and times TBC.

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I know that Bruntingthorpe is pretty much sorted but has TOC made any arrangements yet for Japfest at Castle Combe on Saturday 21st May?

Spoke to Si on saturday about it and we will be posting all the info up pretty soon :thumbsup:

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seen that but seen the TBC (To Be Confirmed?)

is the date a defo or is it the venue thats iffy?

Prices & Times TBC :P

meh :P

i take 'time' as an hourly thing!!

23rd-24th (and 22nd) it is then!

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