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91 Cressida For Sale... See Pics


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91 Cressida in good condition silver/gray. I am the 3rd owner (2nd was a friend). 160,000K mi and runs GREAT.

Don't really want to part with it, but I have an offer for another car that I cant pass up. I will write all I can think of cause I hope if you read to the end you will have a good idea about what is happening. Respond if you have any questions. Any serious offer will be considered.

It has all the usual, power everything, leather interior, cd, sunroof, ABS, etc (If you really don't know email me). All working.

Like I said it is in fair condition. Has some marks and scratches on the pass side rear door, and some other minor marks on the exterior. The front under bumper has been bent in on both corners (not easy to notice).

The interior is nice the drivers seat getting worn the most, but seat is still VERY comfortable.

The motor, brakes, tires, are all in good condition.

I just replaced the head gasket (common in this engine) and had the head rebuilt by a highly recommended machinist. new belts (inc timing), hoses (every one!), gaskets (also every one you can get at when you remove the head). Hardly a drop of oil comes off this engine and the best part is the power is back near what it must have been like when new.

Brakes are good, bled recently, pads... I don't know, should be good for a while. I have a extra set of front rotors as well (city living, curbside brake jobs).

Tires, I noticed some bad wear on ONE tire after a (obviously very bad) alignment, and only that tire had to be replace, the other 3 have a about 10,000 mi left. (I got over 60,000 mi on 45,000 mi rated tires... she still drives straight)

Suspension, I noticed it has a little more travel over the speed bumps than before but shocks should be good for a while more as well.

You can find photos at


I tried to include all that I could to really show the car.

Email if interested.



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