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HELP!! air conditionaer situation

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i have a 93 celica GTI

2 weeks ago found out that my air conditioner works fine only for the first 10 mins, and then just put out regular air.

2 weeks later had to replace the air conditioner "commpressor" (hope its the right word)--which cost me alot.

2 days after doing that the air conditioner situation with the first 10 min working- happens again

when replacing me the old air compressor (which was burned) the man said that he see a gas leek from the air conditioner radiator.

anyway: can someone help me with this situation?


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did he change the aircon matrix(radiator)

if he never,then all your gas has escaped again!!!!

and so the compressor controler is switching of the compressor.....B4 it burns out again


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he didnt change the AC radiator

is it logical that when the gas is gone still i will have 10 mins of cold air?

if all gas is gone--does it effect the compressor and will make it BURN again?

(so if i suspect that gas is gone i shouldnt use the AC?)?

does it look like an AC radiator problem? which replacing will cost like 500-600 us$.

can only the gas leak at radiator get fixed usually?


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sometimes the aircon matrix /pipework can be solution is take it to a specialist and get them to test the whole system.......they will then be best to advise you on the best route of action.........

yep,best not to use the aircon now......

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