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Performace Engine Building


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Hi all,

Just got my 88.5mm Arias high comp forged pistons for my 2TG/3T

Hybrid build, but the pins are supposed to be Floating rather than

the 2T/3T pins that are fixed in place and dont move independently

(forgotten the proper name......)

Can anybody guess what im supposed to do? do i just bore out the Pin

holes in the rods, so the pins can move? or do i have to find some

Shell bearings for them.

Also, can anybody offer me any tips on building the 2TG/3T? the Special

ones that u only learn from experiance :P .

What can u use on the build up to lubricate the engine properly...

ive been told to use somthing called graphite?

I was told to take the edge of the piston rings so they dont scratch

the bores? is this true. When i say edge, i mean the sharp edge on

the gaps on the ring?

Also told to flatten (slightly and carefully) the edges on the valve

cutouts on the pistons as this can decrease the chances of detonation.

I need to upgrade the clutch aswell. Ive herd their is a Hilux clutch (unsure of model etc) which will fit on a 3T flywheel.... i dont suppose anybody knows which model that is of even if its true?

Thanks for any responses.

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