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The New Avensis


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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking about replacing my 4yr old Corolla with a new Avensis 2.0 T4. Can i ask if anyone here has bought one of these machines yet? what do you all think of it?

Personally i think this car looks *way* cool - much nicer than it's predeccesor. It's a shame it's still an avensis really. Considering the comeplete redesign, i think Toyota should have called it something new as the old model was hardly eye-catching,

the interior is real nice and the console and instrument panel are by far the most modern i've ever seen on a sub-20K car. The only problem i have with it is it looks massive!! now i dont have much experience with the family saloon-style but this seems bigger than most cars in its class - is it?

And that 7" colour screen satnav looks like a cool toy too - it looks identical to the Lexus IS series satnav which i've always coveted.

As alternatives, i've been looking at the A4, Passat and even some lower-end BMWs, but spec-for-spec they always go way above my budget and don't even look as smart as the Avensis - how do Toyota do it??



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I have recently purchased an avensis T spirit estate 2.0 leather interior cruise control sat nav ect (3 weeks old now) both i and my wife drive the vehicle and we are highly delighted with the vehicle, its a comfortable and quiet vehicle and a superb drive, i realize 3 weeks is not enough time to fully appraise the vehicle but in the past we have owned modeo`s and other similar sized vehicles from new and none of them have been more pleasing as the avensis to own both in style and roominess. also our insurance has dropped £124.46 due to the security features on the avensis. :rolleyes:

One final word on toyota vehicles our last vehicle was a Rav 4 VX we owned it for seven months from new and traded it in towards the avensis. For an off roader type vehicle we found the ravs body paint inadequate, it scratched and chipped too easily. We hope that the body paint on our new avensis is more substantial.

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Hi. Thanks for replying pat2u. I'm very jealous by the way as i just can't afford the T-Spirit :D

Glad you're enjoying it though! I test drove a 1.8 T3S today - slightly under the spec i am thinking about but it was a really great ride. Really solid and even quieter than my corolla was when that was brand new :-)

Currentlly i am agonising over the engine size to go for on my T4 and whether to upgrade the satnav or not - i'm really tearing my hair out over it :wacko:

Which satnav have you got? how are you finding it? i'm desperate for more information on this particular topic.

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Hi, again

The satnav is the TOYOTA NAVIGATION SYSTEM = MODEL TNS 200...........Came with the package when we bought the vehicle. A first time user to sat nav so we did not know what to expect from the system but found it so simple to use and so far no problems at all with the system.........its found every address we have asked it to.

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i like the indash cup holder

if you thought that was cool - lots of my customers made comments about being able to fit 2-3 ppl in the trunk, and the fact that there is no release button in the trunk... makes me wonder.

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