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I've been lurking in these forums for a while and have read a few posts about getting different quotes for the same car from different dealers - often in the same geographical region.

as my next Toyota will only the second car i have ever bought (i.e. im a total newbie when it comes to the intricacies of car buying) and it will probably be pushing 20 thousand pounds or so, can one really expect to successfully play dealerships agains each other? is it actually possible to get even a small discount for, say, being an existing toyota owner? is it considered impolite to say "well dealer X quoted me £Y.00, can you give me a better deal?"


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If i were you, i'd obtain an online quote for the car you desire from a reputable online uk car site.

Visit your local dealer and say "if you can BEAT that then i'll sign now". At the very least they will match it.

Best of Brittish.........

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What car you looking at buying freelancer?

I will give you the best price you are likely to get it for give or take a few shillings!

Some dealers wont give you a penny, others will give you it all just about.

Also what part of the UK are you in?

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Hi Freelancer

Unfortunately Toyota think their product is second to none, so there isn't a lot of discount to be had out there. I used to be a Director of a car finance brokerage and I still have a good relationship with them (even though one of the other guys is my ex). It's worth giving them a call on 01249 446677, the car will be a UK model and delivered to your door. Speak to James and say Sarah put you in touch. The Company is called Asset & Vehicle Finance Ltd, you don't have to fund it through them but their rate are excellent, offering 3.75% flat (8% apr apprx). They also have a website: avfdirect.com. James has e-mail: james@avfdirect.com.

Good luck!

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