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Celica Sunchaser - Readvertised


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Due to a time-waster I am putting this car back on sale.

I have had for more years than i care to remember a very rare red 1981 Celica Sunchaser Convertible ST1600. A maximum of between 10-20 cars were ever sold in this bodystyle in the UK.

It was my first car and have never been able to bring myself to dispose/ sell it. Therefore for the last few years it has been garaged and not used. Pressure from family is forcing me now to reluctantly get rid.

The car is in pretty good condition for age and has covered 107000 miles.

It has no MOT or tax but does run and I think it will take very little work if any to get it through an MOT.

Before it was garaged i put a new roof on it and it had a new clucth fitted. I also have workshop manuals for the car, and all bills that i have spent over the years.

I would rather the car go to someone interested in the model who would put it back on the road, and love and car for it, rather than have it go the that Toyota car park in the sky!!

Anybody interested please get in touch simonwhite6@hotmail.com

As for price i am thinking of around £500.

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