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Alloy Wheels


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I know this has come up before but I can't find the topic.

My Yaris T Sport is 11 months old and the paint is coming off the wheels. I have only 5800 on the clock and the car is due it's first service next month.

Do the wheels come under the warrenty?

I'm going to take my car to Hills in Wood Ford I bought my car from a private source and understand the warrenty cover me as the new owner.

Does this mean Hills should be able to supply me with a new set of alloys free of charge?


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I'm having the same problem but my car was owned by a women for a yr who didn't clean the wheels. So the brake dust has started to eat them!!

I think you will be a lucky man if you get another set of wheels out of them.

Let me know...

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I could even be a lucky WOMAN !!

I bet they won't do any thing but I'll mention this site and how other people have had the same problem and see if it helps. If they still won't do any thing I'll go balistic !!

Trouble is garages always treat women as if they know nothing about cars !! My husband owns a garage with his brother, any women going to them are lucky as they treat men and women equally.


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i clean mine once a mouth too and they still went off mmm

maybe then toyota seems to have alloy's problems this month! :(

hope my new set will be ok.

mine 7 mouths old and the car is covered for 3 years (not the owner). :)

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hi viper 7

nah their from Halfords and they are more blue turned off.

anyway i drive with my lights on all the time so what blue is in 5w is blanked out by the 65w.

the inside blue is nice better than the bright white first thing in the morning.

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Toyota have agreed to replace my alloys as well, after taking pictures of them! They say it will take a month to get them in.

She's also getting some new front tyres, at £95 a pop...just for the standard Bridgestones...I dunno Toyota sure know how to charge...can get them half that at my local garage...but hey they are replacing the alloys so I'll let em off this time...

I'm glad to see someone else who has the lights on all the time..should be compulsory in this country. One thing Volvo did do right..


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