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Clutch Help ?


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ive just got back from nottingham meet some sorted lads with some smart cars it was a gd night till i !!!

well i have burnt my cluth out it is now slipping when i put it under load !!!!

what is a gd clutch to put in it and what r the pros and cons of havin a sports clutch fitted ????

hope u can help thanks lads . :)

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dont bother with full 3 puck clutches and stuff unless your on the drag strip everyweekend and on a trailer the rest of the week as they are a night mare in traffic.

The stock clutch is ok, remember it will be new and better than anyone you bought the car with, you can get uprated clutches but you'll also need the uprated stuff to go with it.

My advice...... spend out on a new stock clutch and spend the extra cash you've saved on a lightened fly wheel ;) ;) ;)

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I agree. I've just had the same problem as you mate, ended up going to Mr Clutch and getting them to fit a new one for £159. It was done in about 4 hours and is now allowing to get the T-VIS going again!


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