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Induction Question


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Right folks :help: i need an Apex i induction kit. Where do i get one from and how much.

I read the test on the induction kits in the pinned section is this true about the apex i kit or a marketing ploy??

Any help greatly appreciated

Cheers. :thumbsup:

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Tried that Jez nothing tht i'm looking for. Does anyone no the name of the wheels i'm looking for i know what there like but do not know the product name. Also anyone no where i can get that induction kit??? It's for a Rev 2 gti-16

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Jez on that link you gave me are those alloys Rays Engineering wheels?? Look good but i was looking through the envy website and found the SSR Type C wheels which look pretty good. Any one no a price?? Also is that Apexi induction kit for a turbo model only.

1 more thing can anyone photoshop those SSR Wheels onto a black Mr2 please please please!!!!! I'd love to see what they look like

Cheers for helping me Jez :thumbsup:

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Cheers steve. That's that sorted now for the wheels

Anyone able to photoshop the SSR typeC wheels for me there on the envy performance site. On a black MR2 if at all possible please help guys

Thanks. :thumbsup:

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