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No, not here in England but way overseas in the homeland of Toyota - Japan.

My brother has just come back from Japan after 2 years spent working out there for Merrill Lynch. When not in the office (and his days were up to 18 hours) he often visited car showrooms to see what was about.

The manner of the salesmen, he said, was amazing. They were so polite, welcoming and would work their hardest to earn your custom.

This didn't just apply to car dealerships but to most everywhere he went. If someone stood on his foot on a crowded train they would immediately apologise. Doesn't happen much here does it?

At the forefront of Japanese society and business is the notion of politeness and courtesy.

Now he is back in the UK and off shopping for a car he can't believe how the car sales people often display a 'don't give a F***' attitude about the customer. He refuses to part with his money to someone who doesn't work hard to earn it from him. First step would be to be a little bit more polite and courteous.

It's true though, English customer service in general is not exactly world reknowned for being GOOD & POLITE, but instead rather rude and arrogant.

Maybe the English should buck up their ideas of how to deal with customers and then we (the consumer) would feel happier about giving these people our 'very hard earned' money.

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In Toyota dealers in Japan, you get served tea or coffee by just walking in. In the summer that becomes ice tea or coffee.

When I was over there looking for a car, it was great. I had to go from dealer to dealer and got complimentary drinks with each one of them. :)

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Oh yeah, another point which I forgot to mention. There are a lot of young lady sales person at the dealer. I don't know whether they deliberately send the young sales lady when a male customer walks in but it's great. What's more they know what they are talking about.

I hope to see more female sales person at our UK dealers too.


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