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89 Camry Won't Start


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I don't know anything about Toyota's or EFI's and I just got my first one. An 89 Camry, EFI, standard.

I bought the car a month ago from a recommended mechanic and the car is in awesome shape. I wanted to get some ideas before I get it towed to be checked out.

A week ago it sometimes would loose power and stall in second gear. I would put my foot down and it seemed like the car was getting no gas, but when I shifted to first it reved up. It didn't happen all the time though, maybe once every few days.

A couple days ago I then had trouble starting it and it would take a few tries to get it to start. It just turns over until it starts and when it starts it seems to run smooth and ok. And then for a few times it would start fine.

Today it won't start at all, I tried for a half hour until the starter bendex (not sure if Toyota's have these) started to whine. So I stopped.

Any suggestions of something simple to try before I fork out the cash to get it looked at? From the shape of the car and the overall mechanical condition, I am sure it's something simple.

I am also leaning towards the weather as it's been humid. Raining on friday and wet heavy snow today.



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