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Is it worth getting a strut brace for my Yaris TS. I can get one delveried for about £70. Will i notice any differnce with standard shocks & springs.

Thanks in advance

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Hi oli Well if you can get a strut brace for £70 pounds that a bargain. As for the handling you will only notice it when you push the car really hard through the twisty bits. But on normal everyday driving you wont notice. Will you be fitting it yourself? As you might have to do a bit of modifying to get it on.

Also if you over tighten the strut you will cause tyre ware!!


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Only trouble with Strut bars is if you have a collision on one side...all the energy is also transfered

to the other...a small knock...heavens forbid! can lead to the motor been written off as the chasis ends up twisted.


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but they also help hold the front, or rear together i an impact aswell

bit of a give and take really, but you dont think of an accident when your thinking of handling.

before considering a strut brace though, look at everything else in the suspension.

have you lowered the car

do you have uprated anti-roll bars

have you uprated the suspension bushes

have you got low profile tyres

only when the suspension movement has been limilted , then will you feel the best benifit from a brace

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