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The Hardest Toyota


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Having seen a crash at the weekend between a toyota avensis and a nissan sunny in which the avensis had slight bump, the sunny was almost written off!!! It made me think....

Which is the toughest toyota? my money would be on rav 4 but who knows. All toyotas fare well i know in tests,just hope not too many people here will ever find out for real!

Heres to safe motoring.

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i nearly found out what a toyota corolla gti 16 was like to roll this morning i was goin 4 it cummin up to this round about no cars in sight so i went 4 the slide totally lost the back end spud 2 times and ended up on the grass bank !!!!

i was lucky this time ....ile tell u next time

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Guest Calum

Was in my mates celica GT4 st205 the other day, and hit a new volvo, think a s40 or something at about 40 mph, right into its side at the back.

The Celica came off with only slight bodywork damage and the volvo pretty smashed up, however, when the police jumped out of the unmarked cop car we had hit, my mates licence didn't come out so intact!

Have never hit anything in my Corolla yet, but have seen them fair mashed up in accidents before. So i generally try to avoid smashed in mine.

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