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Slow On Slopes


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I have just bought an Estima Lucida ,G type, 2.1 litres , diesel , Turbo, automatic.

Splendid car, well maintained and smooth drive.

1.0 does not cope with even the slightest slope, it starts loosing speed rapidly...to keep speed up is at great expense of fuel.

I keep the overdrive ON all the time and have tried the ECT button without noticing great improvement.

Is there someting I can do about this ?

2.0 does not appear to be so economic as I thought a diesel would be : a full tank ( 60 litres) only lasts for about 400 km

Does this mean the automatic gears are not properly adjusted ??

3.0 would be grateful for any advice on where to get an electronic DIAGNOSTIC as my local Toyota dealership refused to do it on grey imports.

Best Regards,

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We got to establish what is causing the problem, whether to do with the engine itself or the automatic gearbox. From what you have described, it could be the automatic gearbox slipping but it is hard to say without looking at the actual car. There are a lot of independent garages who will do diagnostics for imports so you might like to try them.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

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Hello Dude,

Sorry I don't know any independent garages in West Sussex, but there are so called, 'diagnosis specialist' type of garage so you might like them.

But before, you can try a simple diagnositcs yourself by linking the terminals of diagnosis socket to see whether any code comes out. The procedure is on my web page below so you might like to try.

Hope it gets sorted soon. ;)

Hi NDR008!

Good to hear from you. Well done for sourcing a 4E-FTE engine. Make sure you upgrade the brakes too when you put that engine on. It'll be a mighty EE90 ever!! :)

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I had a shock about the engine, coz i found out it was not complete with ECU.

However today, 2 garages said that they had or were awaiting a complete engine with ECU and all, so i am thinking to go for one of these, i'll check'em out tomorrow :)

Donno if i'll uprate the breaks straight away, they are quite impressive, tho if anything, i'll maybe convert the rear to brake pads. (imagine, my EE90 with 4 disc brakes).

Then i will have to solve the intercooler's mounting, but things are finaly lookin good. saw my new site dedicated to my car? http://toyota.vze.com

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