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My Apologies for the simple nature of this post:

I'm VERY keen on getting a 94-99 Celica 2.0 GT, also has to be a UK model for insurance (I've had a hunt around and at 24 with 3 years NCB,import insurance costs are silly!).

My question is I've found alot of cars for sale with air conditioning, does this mean that the cars are more than likely imports or was it common for the a/c to be fitted?

Thanks in advance for your time!

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If your looking at Celica's & are unsure if it's an import, if you lift up the bonnet & look at the Chassis No: a Import will start with ST202 I can't remember what the UK number is but I will check on it. ;)

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when i was looking i noticed that the info about seatbelts and airbags on the drivers sun visor is written in japenese on imported vehicles. although this would be easy to change from a scraper i suppose.

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That couldn't possibly be right. That sounds more like the VIN number. The chassis code is going to be an ST20x number for 6th gens, regardless of country. Just don't know what it is for UK though. Here in the US, our GT is ST204, our ST is AT200, go figure.

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Chassis number on UK celicas starts with JT1, model codes are.....

1.8 ST, AT200,

2.0 GT, ST202,

2.0 GT4, ST205,

Import celicas have a model number on the silver chassis plate, at the back of the engine bay....

ss-1...E-ST202-BLMGK,( 2.0 140 BHP,)

ss-11....E-ST202-BLMVF,( 2.0 180 BHP or 170 BHP Auto,)

SS-111....E-ST202-BLMZF, (2.0 180 BHP,or 170 BHP ,Auto ).

GT4....E-ST205-BLMVZ, (2.0 255 BHP)

Air/con was an option on UK celicas, but standard on import models.

Hope that helps,

Bob :)

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