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Performance From Auto's


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I know some would consider this a contradiction in terms but I thought I'd start a thread about how to get the best performance from cars with automatic transmission.

My Sera is a four-speed auto with the manual overdrive switch, it has L, 2, and the usual P, D, R and N. I have to say I love it when in traffic but out on the road I'm obviously not getting the most out of it, apart from putting a manual gearbox in what's the best way to get the best performance? the only obvious way I can think of is to take the overdrive off.

Must be more to it than that . . .

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Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. You can use the O/D switch to change between 3rd and 4th, and the D and 2nd to change between 2nd and 3rd, but thats about it.

Not having to change gear allows you to concentrate on the steering!

Since changing my gearbox from automatic to manual, I've had a lot more fun on country roads. More of a bind in the city, but never mind.

With a manual gearbox you get the benefit of engine braking as well, so the brakes take less of a pounding.


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dont quote me on how it works, but i have a switch in the middle of the seats on my '86 supra that allows me to overide the point at which the engine changes up the gears.

most normal auto cars change up at around 3500 to 4000 rpm which mine does the same, but engaged the vrooooooom switch and it doesnt change up till it hits the red line at nearly 9000.

like i say dont know how it works, i only know that it is not a MOD and is standard on all celica supra's prior to the name split to make two cars.

somebody somewere may have the answer <_<

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Can't think when the split of the naming convension was, when celica and supra became two seperate cars, i am under the impresion that mine was one the last one's being an '85/'86 model. think i may have seen a newer shape '87 but not sure.

the switch is located just under the centre front arm rest above the hand brake but is not marked in any way like i have seen on other cars i.e. normal and sports mode etc. its just two colours green or red.

will show you what i mean on the 17th at castle combe if you going.


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Best would be a automatic to manual conversion and n/a to turbo conversion at the same time :-)

well yeah, you would say that wouldn't you! :D

Give me a quote for the conversion and I'll see if I can afford it (or not more like!)

:lol: :(

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