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Fitting Lowering Springs.


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Lowering Springs. By earpl and norm.

This following guide is on how to change your original springs on your yaris with a st of lowering springs. (this was performed on a 2003 yaris T sport, so i apologise for any differences) weve also tried to make it as easy & fun as possible. Cheers Earpl & Norm.

Plus my car is fitted with a strut brace, so replacing the turret nuts only appled to that, other wise keep the nuts.

This is a job that you want to tackle inside, so get a garage or if your going to do it outside, pick a good day & start early.

Tools Used.

*12,13mm combination spanners (ring on one end, open ended on the other), these are for the suspention turret nuts.

*17, 19mm sockets (1/2" drive) and combi spanners.

*1/2" drive wratchet.

*Loctite stud lock.

*wheel brace,locking wheel nut key etc.

*one set of spring compressors.

* other tools that can help, full metric set of spanners & sockets.

hammer etc.

*axel stands


*rubber or plastic mallet.

*bench vice

1/. jack up the car & remove the wheel nuts. (loosen them before jacking up car.) ****ALWAYS SUPPORT THE CAR WHEN WORKING UNDER IT NEVER RELY ON THE JACK***


2/. Remove the strut turret nuts, but be carefull with these as you could round the heads off, so where possible try to use the ring spanner. and if its too tight try to tap it loose, dont pull & rost at it. leave one on but loose so the strut doesnt drop out later.


3/. Remove the brake lines from back of the strut take out the bolt, *note which way the abs & brake pipe mounting plates go on for when you put it all back.


4/. remove the two bolts from the bottom of the strut, i believe these are 19mm but they could be 17mm. the plastic mallet can be used to knock out the bolts, if not a piece of wood & a hammer ( so you dont damage the threads)


5/. You should now beable to remove the strut, after taking off the loose nut on the strut tower. shown here modeled by norm :)


6/. compress the spring using the spring compressors.


7/. clamp this part (as shown in the pic) in a vice supporting the other end of the strut, so you dont bend the the plate. be gentle.


8/. Undo the nut at the top of the strut, whilst plate is clamped. **MAKE SURE SPRING COMPRESSORS ARE ON**


9/. remove the top plate containing bearing ( dont let any **** get in the bearing).


10/. remove rubber gaitor.


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11/. remove comressed spring and then remove spring compressors.


12/. you should be left with a spring less strut.


13/. You should be left with all this.


14/.put the new spring on makeing sure its seated properly in the notch (as shown)


15/.put the top back on, bearing leather seal etc.


16/. put the nut back on top of the strut.


17/. grease it (if possible) and put the plastic cap back on.


18/. line the plate up with spring as shown.


19/. use the assembled strut to comfort the fact you have a small *****.


20/. put the strut back in place, and put the tower nuts on to hold it in place.


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21/.do them up properly because trained monkey (norm) shears the threads in the nuts :(


22/.put the bolts back in the bottom of the strut.


23/. tighten them up.


24/. Hit your yaris in frustration.


25/.put your wheel back on and lower the car down onto a board because its too low to get the jack out!!!


26/. repeat for the other side :)

27/. your at the 1/2 way mark. stop for a well earned smoke.


28/. take your back wheel off (after jacking etc) :)


29/. da daaaa


30/. compress the spring


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31/. take the compressors off.


32/. new and old :)


33/.the flat side of this must face the inside of the car.


34/. fit new spring with rubber seat in place.


35/. get your wheel....... and fit it.


36/. repeat for other side.

37/. clean up :)

38/. hope fully it should look something like this :)



now hope fully things went ok, remember this is only a guide, i apologise if i left anything out.

cheers Earpl and norm.......

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Sorry to all of you with dial up chris whent a bit mad. i'll do a downloadable version when i get time.

21/.do them up properly because trained monkey (norm) shears the threads in the nuts

at least i did some work instead of spending an hour putting the stickers on

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Hey :thumbsup: fantastic write up, wack in the workshop forum aswell if not already done and im sure some will with add it to the yaris how to's :thumbsup:

oo class photos btw haha :D :lol: even the hit yaris with fustration :P im sure we have all felt that at some point i know i have :yes:

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Proper bo!

Did it exactly the same way as me and my mate did it. Pretty easy once you know how. Although it can be a !Removed! to get the bolts back through the struts at the end. Took a LOT of leverage when I did it.

Good write up.

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already there, they sit on top of the springs.

who moderates this forum now??? add this to the how too's :)

The moderating team moderate it ,there isnt a forum each !! its team work :D

as for your write up jaxx already has one in there without pics,

so i've asked him to take a look,as i dont want to mess with jaxx's post ;)

he'll take a look and let you know :thumbsup:

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