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Celica's V's Bmw?


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Right then, can anyone help me out in a long debate with my mates! We all love cars, but half of us love jap :D , the darkside love Beemer's :o . Don't get me wrong beemers are good cars, but they are pricey, common and snobby! There are 4 BMW's in our crew <_< - 2 GT4's(st185) a Prelude & a GT4(st205) My mates M3 is faster than all of ours, but he paid tons more for it, our cars handle SSsssooooo much better than theres :lol:

What do u chaps think? Had any battles wiv Bimmers?

.................let me know :unsure:

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I'm only a gt owner but I think jap is better. M3's are too costly, I admit they're fast but if you compare say a new M3 with a new supra (well newish they finished production in 96), the supra is faster, cheaper and hugley modable. If you look at the classes our cars fit into like GT4 versus 325i, the GT4 comes out on top and in my league the 320i's and the 318is are no match for mine. Not that I condone street racing ;-)

Bmw's are wide boy pimp cars and jap cars are sleek fast poor mans Ferraris. I know which I'd have!

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