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Fitting An Exhaust By Earpl & Norm.


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Fitting a fujubitso power getter to a 2003 yaris T-sport, by Earpl & Norm.

firstly I’d just like to point out that the more amateur mechanics may like to do this in the dry, light etc preferably inside. not outside at night in the snow like we did :) this should be the same for pretty much any back box designed for the yaris cause the pipe & mounts should line up. hopefully :).

Tools required;

· long reach socket (12/13mm cant remember….. again? )

· about a 6” extension, if you haven’t got one, guys I recommend one as I really needed a 6” extension as I was lacking.

· a ratchet to suit the sockets.

· a large and a small flat bladed screwdrivers.

· hammer

· wd40 or something similar.

Remember when working under cars always support them! and preferably don’t do it alone just incase.

hope this is easy enough :)

1/. find the clamp on the rear of the back box pipe.


2/. undo the bolt (don’t worry you wont loose the nut as its captivated).


3/. hit it gently with the hammer so it comes loose then bend it. yet again just a bit and gently, so it will slide down the pipe (as shown)


4/. spray oil on the rubber mounts and small screwdriver to lubricate and the idea is to get the rubber over the lip of the mount & then push over with big screwdriver, do this carefully so you don’t slip & hurt your self.


5/. do it to both the mounts. which look like this.


and this,


6/. remove the standard back box.

7/. put the new seal (comes with fujitsbo) on the end of the tail pipe, after removing the old one of course ( may require a gentle thrash :P .

8/. put the mounting ring on the fujitsbo (taking time to look at it and say…”hmm shiny shiny bling bling”) . oh yeah line the nipple up with the rings hole. :P

9/. Put the new zorst in the same way the old one came out. line up the pipes and push the pegs in the mounts.

10/. put the clamp back in place with the seal in the right place, + put the ring back on. this can be a bit tricky so it helps to have another pair of hands (NORM :D ) to push the pipes together whilst you put the clamp on.

11/. I think that’s it. it should look a little like this.




have fun & remember DON’T DO IT IN THE SNOW!!!

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I'm sure there is a sound clip about somewhere, I'll try and dig it out! :thumbsup:

That would be great Ryan! I actually want to replace the rear exhaust only on my Yaris TS, cause the standard exhaust sound is way too quiet for me... I am real curious to hear what a only rear exhaust swap is capable of, and not touching anything else like the cat or middle section, etc...

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