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Quick Shift Set Trd


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today i get quick shift set TRD.

i have a problem, the quick Shift Set was designed for a right driver -----> as for the japan cars.

anybody have some picture to install the quick shift set/???? TRD?

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ts507r: I was telling to you about the short shifter because I'm the TRD distributor for Panama. I brought it for them ( redline) and I guess you were the customer. I dont have a problem if you buy it from them because they are my customers and tony is a good guy. On your problem, there is nothing to worry, just stop bye my shop tomorrow and I will show you, what do you need to do to install it properly. If you want,you can take a look at my car that is finally finished with all the mods done.

Whenever you need anything for you car, feel free to call me or stop bye the shop and I will hook you up.

Have you seen Bori's car with the new Rear Wing and the TTE Front spoiler?

I delivered to him today the new TRD Front Struct Bar, and I ordered for him a lot more TRD parts that will arrive here on May 15th.

If you need anything from TRD, now is the time to do it, so I can add it to the order that is leaving next month.

Best Regards and Take Care,


Crazy4Cars Racing


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nice quique..

tomoroww i'll pass in your store, to see how it is.

thanks for the help..

the shift knob is located to the left driver. ------->

it's very incomfortable, like the other side

i guess that it have to do something with the long stick.


i have seen the C-ONE spoiler on boris car.

it look nice. but i don't like it.

i saw a nice spoiler, in TUNNING BOX. it cost $220.00 all, install pluz paint.

see you there,



TRD? B&M>?????

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