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Has anyone bought any of the Toyota Owners Club stuff yet from the links in the Merchandise section?

I comsidering ordering the baseball shirt and the hoody for the JApfest - has anyone any comments on quality sizes etc?

Is there anywhere other than the website in California that we can buy the stuff from?


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The quality is great..and the stuff arived within a couple of weeks

quite a few people have orderd stuff from LOC, i am ordering some t-shirts for JAE

the reason the price is in $ is its the fastest and cheapest online company we could find that did loads of merchandise to the way the club liked it.

and the club doesnt make anything from this

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If we all got together and bought some stuff the shipping charges would be less....... u could get me a long sleved t-shirt (medium) and ill give u the cash at Japfest!

Just wondering if "the Steve had got my cheque yet" lol.

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got your cheque scot and you in the list dude.

the merchandise was the best way to temporarily offer alot of stuff to choose from. As the club is in its first week of subscription we do not have the funds to create our own merchandise yet.

I have ordered some stuff from them for LOC.. and the quality is very good.

takes about 1 week for it to arrive. shipping is about £8

i think cafepress are cool and how they can print on a per order basis is amazing! Just wish they would open a branch in the UK.. we would sell loads for sure!

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