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Go Kartng Anyone....

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Hiya peeps....

Just a thought (well Scot's thought anyway)....

Oxford has a superb Karting track which me and Scot are going to take a visit anyway, what would be more interesting is if we could get 18+ members from both TOC and LOC to come down so we could have a pure Club Grand Prix Event which would run something similar to below....

1) Arrive, sign in

2) Select race suits, helmets and gloves

3) Drivers briefing, safety, kart familiarisation

4) Practice laps

5) Heats - six heats per driver

6) Semi-finals - best 12 drivers

7) Final - best 6 drivers

8) Presentation

The advertised price is £36 per driver, I'm sure we may be able to get this down with enough people participating....

The track is in Oxford Stadium so pretty central.

So with that in mind who on the forum would be intrerested in participating in the first LOC/TOC Challenge Cup ????

Is there enough interest and could we make it a regular event and get a TOC/LOC League running ?

Oh the possibilites are endless......

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Its a great track, Outdoor which means we race whatever the wheather ie amazing fun in the wet, and ive heard its even better in the snow!!!!!

It will also be a good get together, they certainly have a big carpark etc. Perhaps we could watch they greyhound racing in the evening that they also have.... just a thought, im not promoting cruelty to dogs lol.

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i'll be up for that!

be prepared to lose though! :lol:

Ha, dont bet on that!

Or maybe we should :D :D :D

I'll have to practice on Ryans GT3 and on tha track at Japfest :D

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Oh you guys are so going to lose! THATS A YES PLEASE!

Sould just let you guys a gocart is like me driving a limo! Why do you think i drive a yaris. One little thought tho.......we are going to have to scale down the badger problem as they would hurt in a go cart....may be rats?????


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Seems interest in this one should be OK to arrange the GP (18 peeps plus), I'll get quotes for next month as this one is pretty hectic.

Would an early weekend next month be ok with most peeps, and would a Saturday or Sunday be better ?

Am out of the office today but will check the post tomorrow and get a quote and check availability so will be able to post some provisonal dates.

This could be fun as there's a good amount of interest on TOC and LOC....

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