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Bike V's Car?

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thanx for the reply, most people are saying the same, there is a lad in my office who says he nailed 1 off the lights!?! :o I said it would have been close and 0-100 the Lambo would kill him :angry: He then said how he would out handle it, I said it would be close.. Then told him that I'd have the Lambo anyday ;)

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Sounds like it's almost entering Max Muppet territory......

BTW did I tell you about the time I nailed a Ferrari in my clapped out old Fiat, I stuck a pint of Vodka in the tank with the fuel which made all the difference, added a potato with some holes in a a blow off vavle, chucked my old gameboy on the back of the ecu and made a straight through exhaust out of some old table legs, it must have been pushing 800bhp easy....

Suspension can be stiffened up with super glue, It tired it, it worked.....

:P :D :lol: :o

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We call him "Ivor" as in, "Ivor-dun-it-all!" he speeks !Removed!, he bought a Cavalier GSI which had 240bhp! it was chipped(non-turbo) and had a K&N, WOW! :o , he got 90 brake from that! plus the T-wat said that it was a 4x4, but he had 2 make it FWD, :huh: why u all ask............................because he lowered it!! :lol: I was going to lower my GT4, I'd better not now!!

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I think you're all missing the question or it was put forward the wrong way. :blink:

Simple question - what would handle better, a 400cc motorbike, or a lamborgini Diablo??

We are talking handling. IE: a 250cc would be even better as it is lighter.

At no point was speed / performance mentioned.

My above post stands. :P

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