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Power Steering Pump Leak


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1986 SV21 TOY. CAMRY

It all began with Mr. Parker's message weighted down with a rock on my campsite in his field. It read something like: "boy yer time is up- this is yer last nite. If'n I see yer tormorry I'll have the law on yer fer tresspassin'!"

Well you know how it goes, one thing after another. So my power steering starts sprinkling my exhaust pipe and everything else on the undercarriage. Now, hobo that I am, I can't afford to put it in the shop and want to fix it myself. Am fairly sure it's the pressure hose going into the top of the pump that is leaking but I can't see how to get at it even after reading my manual and raising up the car and getting underneath. It's cramped in amongst other obstructions like the steering gear and transaxles, etc.

I'd appreciate any advice from some do-it-yourself'er who has repaired a power steering pump leak.



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